Clair, Grace & Tim

Entrepreneurs, English teachers & neighbours of El Campello for years. All three sought to improve their quality of life for themselves and their children but at the same time try to immmerse themselves in a project to help their community. They wanted to create a beautiful, relaxed environment inwhich families could have a meeting place; where their children felt comfortable enough in the environment to practice & develop their English language skills.

Grace and Clair bring their experience in the area of education and Tim is a peoples person & business man from London. Between the three they form the perfect team to bring to you a luxury cafe, delicious homemade food, a welcoming creche facility and a service with a smile.


Carrer Vincent Blasco i Ibanez, El Campello 03560, Alicante





09.00 - 14.00

17.30 20.30


SATURDAY 09:30 - 14.00

Saturday Evening and Sunday Closed for Events

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Tel: +34 965 56 33 06


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